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February 2022

FuoriSalone 2021: Mino Caggiula at the event Lighting Design by Sforzin Illuminazione

By Stories&News

Fuorisalone 2021, Milan.

The most important event for the field of planning and design.

On the occasion of the unusual edition of 2021, Mino Caggiula takes part in the event organized by Sforzin Illuminazione “Lighting Design”. An evening dedicated to the presentation of Open Being, the monograph of the firm: a journey that puts into words the architectural vision of Mino Caggiula Architects.

Lighting Design | Sforzin Illuminazione
Sforzin Illuminazione Boutique, Via Gastone Pisoni 6 Milan

Open Being published by The Plan Edition


The architecture that will come: ideas and solutions for a planning that looks to the future

By Stories&News

How is architectural and urban planning evolving after the changes imposed by the healthcare crisis?

During the webinar organized by The Plan, new ideas and plans came up to understand where the world of architecture is going after Covid.

A healthcare crisis that – as we all know – has transformed our way of life. The world of architecture cannot be unresponsive to change: it must provide support for the new needs, and fuel evolution with innovative solutions.

Learn about Mino Caggiula’s speech at the webinar The Plan



Atelier Alice Trepp on ArchDaily

By Stories&News

We are proud to share an important publication.

The project Atelier Alice Trepp arrives on ArchDaily, the database of the leading architectural projects in the world. Created by architects for architects, ArchDaily is one of the most relevant platforms for stakeholders of the architecture industry.

Learn more about Atelier Alice Trepp

Yuanye Awards International Architectural Projects Sharing Meeting

By Stories&News

After the great success at the Yuanye Awards 2020, with the victory of the project Atelier Alice Trepp, and Mino Caggiula’s participation in the 11th Yuanye Summit Forum, the participation in another important event in China.

Mino Caggiula invited as architecture critic and commentator for 12 selected projects during the event Yuanye Awards International Architectural Projects Sharing Meeting.


CasaPlatform @Venice2021 | Mino Caggiula Architects selected in the category Best International Houses Design

By Stories&News

Venice 2021

The exhibition conceived by CasaPlatform, from May 22nd to August 22nd.
An international vision of the world of architecture. For Mino Caggiula Architects the project Atelier Alice Trepp was selected, which participates in the selection Best International Houses Design.

Learn about Mino Caggiula’s speech at CasaPlatform @Venice 2021

Watch the video


Mino Caggiula takes part in the 11th Yuanye Summit Forum

By Stories&News

“Between Nature and Architecture”

11th Yuanye Summit Forum

After the Award of Honor in Architecture, received with the project Atelier Alice Trepp, Mino Caggiula is invited to participate in the annual Yuanye Summit Forum.

A round table discussion attended by leading personalities from the world of architecture to debate the current topics and philosophies in the field of architecture and planning.
The subject of the 11th Summit is the relationship between architecture and nature: a complex, current subject that is often at the heart of the firm’s projects.

Mino Caggiula, together with architect Sou Fujimoto, Li Xiagning and Yu Dao, will be discussing the topic.

Watch the video

Gen Alpha Contest for a design study in Lugano

By Stories&News

Mino Caggiula Architects participates and wins with the project Gen Alpha in the competition dedicated to the creation of a mixed-use architecture for a multigenerational community.

At the heart of the project lies the analysis of the historical and social characteristics of the urban context, as well as the will to create an architecture that would enable different generations to live together and that would meet their ever-evolving needs.

Learn about the Gen Alpha Project.



Mino Caggiula Architects takes part in the Neuchâtel contest

By Stories&News

The competition concerns the construction of two sports halls and the expansion of the College du Parcs in Neuchâtel.

Mino Caggiula Architects presents a project that is in line with the contemporary way of living: architectures that are accessible to all, designed to give value to human connection by creating spaces for inclusivity and sharing.

Learn about the Project Neuchâtel.


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