location: Pregassona, Switzerland
built-up area: 4,088 sqm
date: 2014 – 2017

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Alberto Bernasconi
executive architect: Giacomo Bronzini
team: Francesco Magni

The urban insertion completes and clearly defines the urban block by following the alignments of the buildings north and south of Via Vedreggio.

The district Project consists of 4 buildings: orthogonal volumes that are inserted out of alignment in order to create a dynamic green space that on the plan resembles wind turbines.

The buildings too are characterized by the centripetal “wind rotation” of the apartments around the central vertical circulation, thus opening the views from the living rooms towards perspectives that are characterized and amplified by the curvature of the living room terraces.

The architectural composition can guarantee open views and sunlight in relation to the cardo and decumanus with the different sun angles throughout the whole day.

The concept of new technologies for energy supply is a foundation of this project, which is not only architectural but also energetic as it uses the most performing and innovative technologies for environmental protection and it guarantees maximization of energy saving.