location: Muzzano
built-up area: 1082 sqm
date: 2016 – 2020

architect: Mino Caggiula
project architect: Pier Luca Carubia
executive architect: Andrea Maldarizzi
project team: Diego Compagno, Joseph Copes, Alberto Cuneo

The Libellula Residence is located in Muzzano, a hilly territory that stands out for its picturesque natural landscape, which includes the Agno and Lugano Bays, and the Lake of Muzzano. The latter is a rare example of a small glacial lake in a hilly area, and it’s characterised by the presence of dragonflies (“libellula” in Italian, hence the name of the residence).
Indeed, the insertion of the residence into the soil represents metaphorically a dragonfly that delicately lands on the landscape’s natural curves, and tries, through the irregularities, to offer a view that opens up to the adjoining lands, so that it doesn’t seem invasive.
The building develops around the body of the circulation, which is centrally positioned in relation to the whole complex and at the same time creates a cutoff of view and light.  The structure resembles that of a lying dragonfly with a transparent body, represented by the  volume of circulation, while the houses that unfold slightly irregularly recall the beat of the insect’s wings.
This principle is applied in three dimensions, therefore both horizontally on the map and vertically on the perspective drawing.
The structure of the residence, inserted into the soil with a slight inclination, emphasises the view of the Agno and Lugano Bays, and the Lake of Muzzano from the complex. From the outside to the inside, the apartments are designed to ensure an opening to the surrounding panorama at any point. The symbiosis of architecture and landscape is also highlighted by the search for transparencies, the use of natural materials for the façade cladding, and the flowing of green areas on the external surfaces.