location: Agno
built surface: 780 sqm
date:Final design with permit waiting for the phase of detailed design

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Pier Luca Carubia
project architect: Davide Carone

The project is conceived as a real “factory for dwelling”, a complex able to produce spaces to be lived thanks to the union of components and functions that harmonize with each other to generate maximum comfort.

In this system, transparency is the characterizing element that allows to establish new relationships between things. Large windows develop along all the facades and create a constant dialogue between the building and its surroundings.

All apartments are defined by maximum openness. Dividers and partitions are reduced to the essential, according to a typically industrial “open space” model. The aim is a free as possible organization, which permits to customize and evolve rooms over time.

The presence of external adjustable slats also allows to modulate the amount of incoming light, maintaining on the one hand high levels of brightness and mitigating on the other hand the dazzle and overheating, as well as ensuring an appropriate level of privacy.

A roof garden connotes instead the top of the construction, bringing the natural component inside the urban complex and creating an important hub of aggregation and recreation for all users. The vegetation also covers portions of the main facade and together with the garden on the ground floor contributes to define the level of quality of outdoor spaces.

Everything is designed to create a synergy between the building and its inhabitants: at the center are the people and their dimension of community, sharing and well-being.