location: Lugano
built-up area: 6,084 sqm
date: under construction; delivery 2023

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Thomas Giuliani
executive architect: Andrea Maldarizzi
team: Alberto Cuneo, Joseph Copes

The Mirador Residence, located in the heart of Lugano, is a multifamily residence characterized by a symbiosis with the context in which it’s sited. This symbiosis is highlighted by the constant, fundamental presence of greenery, which transforms the architectural object – nestled and developed along the natural slope – into the extension of the green, hilly promontory with its gorgeous vegetation.

The metadesign comes from the conception to the creation of an actual hanging garden developed gradually like a sequence of terraces covered with greenery heading towards the view of the lake and the different sun angles, thus emphasizing the fifth façade as a roof-garden.

The intention of preserving the entire field of vision towards the landscape and of creating evocative panoramic viewpoints is emphasized by the “Mirador”, an observation den made of vertical elements that open towards the evocative view of the lake, thus becoming its landmark that identifies the main pedestrian access to the residence.

Another feature of the residence is the integration with the preexisting unit, which is part of the history and architectural heritage of Lugano: a towering, isolated villa at the edge of the woods.

The union between the high-standing interior design and the outdoors is emphasized with a contemporary take on the archetype of the pergola, which opens up and accelerates the view from the inside to the outside.

So the spaces marked by the new architecture are reflected in terms of well-being with an expression made of multiple nuances.