location: Massagno, Switzerland
built-up area: 928 sqm
date: under construction; delivery 2023

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Pier Luca Carubia
project architect: Thomas Giuliani
executive architect: Andrea Maldarizzi
team: Diego Compagno, Jacopo Bianchino

The project site is located in Massagno, Switzerland, in a place exposed to a wide and suggestive view of the valley and the lake of the city of Lugano. The territorial analysis and its relative panoramic views become the theme of the project and define its architecture. The surrounding buildings offer a single-face orientation towards the mountains parallel to the valley, characterized by an Eastern sloping incline, mainly extending towards the view of the mountainous profile towards the East. Equally fundamental in the analysis of the location is the presence of a magnificent lake view to the South. The Miravalle Residence has been conceived following the principle of a polydirectional fragmentation, so that the volume adapts to the orography of the land and increases the surface of the facades on various perspectives and territorial views. The architectural axes become the design matrix, both on a macro and micro scale, directing simultaneously towards the mountains and the lake of Lugano thanks to the volumetric fragmentation. The guiding idea for the project is inspired by the geometric tessellation of Mauritius Cornelis Escher, applying this geometric composition to three-dimensional architecture. The fragmentation of the form allows more spatial moments, and external surfaces and therefore a greater view and exposure to light. The modularity of the volume gives flexibility to the interior spaces that can adapt to future evolving needs.