Designed for DFN Luxury Outdoor

A two-dimensional line that moves through space generating a three-dimensional element. This is the concept of Naked, a seat characterized by a ribbon that repeatedly wraps around sinuous metal profiles.

With a versatile design that can be declined from a chaise longue to other furniture components, Naked is made with a constant section of thermo-lacquered steel. The tubular, shaped with soft, seamless folds, intertwines with the fabric string, becoming both a structural skeleton and an aesthetic component.

The result is unique shapes characterized by a play of lights and shadows, capable of creating a solid yet light and essential object. The actual seat and back emerge from the string that becomes a surface capable of supporting and embracing bodies, adapting flexibly to different physical characteristics.

From the union of just two elements, Naked represents the desire to lay design bare, stripping it of the superfluous to leave only the substantial components. Like a body that, uncovered of clothes, appears in its simplest and most sensual nature.