location: Paradiso, Lugano, Switzerland
built-up area: 6750 sqm
date: 2014 – 2017

design architect: Mino Caggiula
project architect: Alberto Bernasconi
executive architect: Elisa Beretta
team: Andrea Maldarizzi, Stefano Alberti

The genesis of the project is characterized by a careful analysis of the site that includes the lay of the land, the axes and the views, the surrounding natural landscape, as well as the movement flows. Hence the similarity between the contour lines and the soft and curvy silhouette of an imaginary woman lying on the ground, that gives a feeling of calmness and, at the same time, of strength. This image is brought into the architecture throughout the volume that fades on the way up because of the terraces in sequence. The volume is thus the result of this similarity combined with the analysis of the site, that together long to integrate harmoniously within the natural context: the location draws the architecture, not the other way around.

The orientation of the building is linked to three focal points: the lake, the city centre and the woods, that represent three important landscape perspectives, as well as routes for the flowing of people and light. The flowing of the spaces, from public to semi-public to private, creates a concept of living that combines the everyday routine of private life and the natural environment surrounding the entire architectural complex. This concept is reinforced by elements such as the peculiar shapes of the main entrance to the residence, the green wall and the cantilever surrounded by nature and containing the spa. These additions contribute to strengthen the identity of the building and the personality of the location, highlighted by materials and natural elements that combined create plays of light, refractions and motion, as well as different perspectives. The principle of design embracing nature is reflected onto the entire building, on different levels. A harmony of landscape, architecture, interior and design.