location: Sankt Moritz
built-up area: 1000 sqm
date: under construction; delivery 2023

design architect: Mino Caggiula
project architect: Thomas Giuliani

Located in St. Moritz, one of Switzerland’s most internationally known sites, the project arises in a special condition.
The lot appears to be surrounded by a series of buildings, positioned in close proximity. The conception of two new residential buildings of high standing thus finds itself relating to the other dwellings and soaring up to seek the view of the lake.

In Alfred Hitchcock’s film, the Rear Window, the protagonist, confined indoors due to injury, becomes a spectator to the events that unfold inside the rooms of the other apartments. Similarly, in St. Moritz, the project finds itself involved in a 360-degree relationship with the neighborhood.

This translates into a specific organization of the building envelope. The 2 new complexes do not give up the presence of large windows to ensure maximum openness to the outside, resorting to a system of modular screens, capable of preventing views from the outside and ensuring privacy.

Each module is strategically placed relative to the openings of neighboring buildings to mask the most sensitive interiors without obstructing the view. In addition, movable horizontal brise soleils allow the passage of light to be further calibrated according to different needs, amplifying the ever-changing character of the building.

Inside, all spaces are designed to ensure high levels of quality and well-being.
On the lower floors, the two units are interconnected and include a design showroom and private skirooms, as well as a SPA for the residents with wellness services and a swimming pool.

Moving up a level, the buildings are organized in a total of 8 apartments, characterized by great brightness and attention to detail. On the intermediate floors, large terraces and balconies offer the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces. At the top, apartments equipped with roof access from which to enjoy the suggestive view towards the lake and the breathtaking landscape complete the offer.