location: Ponte Capriasca, Lugano
built surface: 742 sqm
date:Final design waiting for building permit

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Pier Luca Carubia
project architect: Davide Carone

Townhouse was born from the union of the peculiarities between 4 members of a family, determined to live under the same roof, while maintaining their private spaces separate. The result is a complex of 7 apartments designed to meet both the needs of the family and those of the market, reserving some accommodation for rent.

The parents, the daughter and the son are characterized by different personalities and facets but are linked to each other by common features, both aesthetic and behavioral. The project is the combination of their specificities in a single composition, where all the parts mix creating harmony.

Like people made of different desires and inclinations, the 4 volumes of the construction maintain their uniqueness and present different geometric configurations. However, they speak a shared language that gives the whole a unitary rhythm, in which the alternation between fullness and emptiness identifies the balance of the facade.

The result is a building with a sculptural appearance in which the material aspect is uniformed by metal. Like 4 faces that look at each other and generate an understanding, the overhanging bodies establish a relation between each other and extend outwards, marked by Corten cladding. The metal panels wrap the entire envelope and characterize it with their intense colors within the green landscape in which it is immersed.

Different sequences of slats also define the parapets and partitions, ensuring the appropriate level of privacy and solar shading. Their angle directs the view outwards and projects on the facades a sequence of lights and shadows that changes over time.