The basin Vitruvio is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s representation of the Vitruvian Man, which depicts the ideal human proportions inscribed in two perfect geometric shapes, a circle and a square. The connection between the concrete and perceivable reality of man and the abstract and scientific geometry and mathematics is translated into an everyday three-dimensional object. The passage from the realm of archetypal ideas to the empirical world is represented by the telescopic extrusion of two-dimensional archetypal shapes, the circle and the square, and their transmutation into the third dimension. The resulting shape is a blend of the two worlds that, thanks to the materiality of marble, create a design object that seeks elegance in the simple and balanced combination of timeless shapes. Vitruvio is therefore an image, an original model of the transformation of the elements that together form the abstract concept of the Vitruvian Man and thus of the measure of man in a tangible representation, in which the purity of the material concept is given by the extraction of marble, a natural material.